"When I arrived for my first session with Devon, I had no idea how much personal growth lay in store for me. As a young adult, I'd been struggling with boyfriend issues, social anxieties and independent matters. Today my life is much more fulfilling because I learned about self-power and having a positive and free flowing life. I looked forward to speaking with Devon every week! Her shining energy made our relationship and therapy sessions feel super comfortable and I learned so much about myself."

- Brenda, Individual Therapy Client, New York City

"They say everyone takes different amounts of time to process a break-up and heal from heartbreak - I met Devon when I was about 9 months post-relationship. She gave me confidence, helped me forgive my ex and was always there for me as I coped with saying goodbye to his family and friends. Devon helps you focus on things you love doing - for me those were reading at night and working out. I was able to think a lot more about myself and a lot less about my ex. My favorite work with Devon was when she would have me visualize and talk to my ex, boss, or even myself. This activity really opened my eyes and let me get through things easier and faster."

- Individual Therapy Client, New York City

"I felt my authentic voice was heard in a way that felt like I was re-discovering myself. Therapy helped me create more space between my thoughts, feelings and reactions to them. I feel more centered. I feel better prepared to process unpleasant emotions. I am so thankful for everything I learned from Devon and will carry it with me!"

- Individual Therapy Client, New York City

"Devon's workshops are essential to finding serenity in one of the busiest cities in the world. After attending, I feel recharged and ready to handle anything that comes my way. Devon is truly a gifted teacher and I can't wait for her next workshop!"

- Hilary, "Firm Body, Focused Mind" Workshop Participant at exhale spa, New York City

"After discussing some of the issues I was facing after a tough break-up along with the change of seasons, Devon customized flower essences that addressed some of these issues. I was struggling with: sleep, confidence, anxiety and just an overall sense of despair. Devon really listened and thoroughly explained how and when to take the essences. The beauty of this approach is that it addresses a number of issues that are specific to the individual. After taking these flower essences, I noticed an immediate difference. I was battling insomnia for weeks and this helped to take the edge off. When waking up in the middle of the night, I would take a few drops to calm me down. I also feel more relaxed, which is something I often struggle with. I'm glad that I've finally found something that doesn't make me groggy and plus, it's natural!! I would highly recommend flower essences for those who feel they need to improve how they’re feeling. I'm so grateful for Devon!"

- Director of Account Management Sales, New York City, Flower Essence Client

"When Devon first gave me flower essences, I was feeling very angry and upset. She said, "Take these." Within 10 minutes, I felt relieved of my anger and a sense of calm. Ever since then, I've used flower essences on a regular basis to work through my emotions so I don't feel too "crazy." I recommend flower essences to anyone looking to work through their emotions."

- Sales Associate, New York City, Flower Essence Client

"Devon is a wonderful person and gifted therapist with very positive and warm energy. She gave me a personalized bottle of flower essences to try. I must say, I was very skeptical at first. I've been taking them for two weeks and I definitely noticed increased energy, more productivity, positive thinking and overall less stress. I would definitely recommend trying this natural remedy that Devon makes with love and care."

-Anastasia, Aesthetician, New York City, Flower Essence Client


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