Flower essences support you through life transitions, emotional set-backs, feeling stuck and much more. You'll benefit from flower essences if you relate to any of the following:


  • I get scared speaking in public.

  • I'm in the middle of a big transition with a relationship, move, job, etc.

  • I feel impatient with long lines, customer service reps and anything that slows me down.

  • My brain won't "turn off."


Your customized blend will support you with anxiety, fear, struggles or transitions. Flower essences come in a one ounce bottle with dropper and you'll take 2 drops under your tongue 4 times a day. 


The beauty of flower essences is that they're all natural and can support you through periods of intense growth, change and uncertainty. I love sharing flower essences, as I’ve watched people get lifted out of funks, quit jobs, start new jobs and have more confidence in themselves.


You might be wondering if they’re similar to essential oils. Yes and no. Essential oils are more focused on helping through the scent, while flower essences are more focused on helping through their energy. Both essential oils and flower essences come in liquid form. 


Flower essences can be added on to individual sessions for $30 a bottle. You can read more about my approach to flower essences on mindbodygreen or vogue.com.

It’s totally normal to be skeptical about flower essence. If you’re thinking, “Okay, what the heck are there?” You’re not alone.

You can read more about their benefits in this Vogue.com article as well as articles I’ve written for mindbodygreen. As always, feel free to ask me any questions!




"I was struggling with sleep, confidence, anxiety and just an overall sense of despair. Devon really listened and thoroughly explained how and when to take the essences. The beauty of this approach is that it addresses a number of issues that are specific to the individual. After taking these flower essences, I noticed an immediate difference. I was battling insomnia for weeks and this helped to take the edge off. When waking up in the middle of the night, I would take a few drops to calm me down. I also feel more relaxed, which is something I often struggle with. I'm glad that I've finally found something that doesn't make me groggy and plus, it's natural!! I would highly recommend flower essences for those who feel they need to improve how they are feeling. I'm so grateful for Devon!"

- Director of Accountant Management Sales, New York City


"When Devon first gave me flower essences, I was feeling very angry and upset. She said,  "Take these." Within 10 minutes, I felt relieved of my anger and a sense of calm. Ever since, I've used flower essences on a regular basis to work through my emotions so I don't feel too "crazy." I recommend flower essences to anyone looking to work through their emotions." 

- Sales Associate, New York City


"Devon is a wonderful person and gifted therapist with very positive and warm energy. She gave me a personalized bottle of flower essences to try. I must say, I was very skeptical at first. I've been taking them for two weeks and I definitely noticed increased energy, more productivity, positive thinking and overall less stress. I would definitely recommend trying this natural remedy that Devon makes with love and care."

 - Anastasia, Aesthetician, New York City

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