Your Sensitivity Is Your Greatest Strength

Have you ever been told you're "too sensitive" or that you're "being too sensitive?" 

Maybe it happened once when you were little. You cried over something you can't quite remember. 

Or maybe you have a tendency to get your feelings hurt when your friends leave you out of plans. 

You might even be like me -- I've been told I'm sensitive my entire life.

And yes, there have even been times where I've been told I'm "too sensitive."

And it just doesn't feel great. 

Why? Because it's a judgment and label and sometimes it makes you feel like all the feelings you have are WRONG. 

Being a sensitive person is a major gift. 

But, sometimes it takes unpacking self-judgment or criticisms you've absorbed throughout the years. 

Sometimes I've wished there was a magic pill that'd take away all my sensitive tendencies. 

Like how it takes me awhile to get over something someone said. Or how I like to process and talk to friends about stuff to get on the other side of them. 

If you're sensitive, you just can't help having feelings sometimes. 

You might even wish it was easier for you to not take things to heart and just dust stuff off. 

But, I've learned to love my sensitivity. It can be hard at times, but I've learned to love and accept the gift that it is. 

Today, I'm sharing a video on how your sensitivity is actually an amazing strength. 

Yes, strength :) 

And if you're in an elevator, walking on the street or can't watch right now, I feel you.

Here's the breakdown of the VIDEO. The Cliff's Notes, if you will: 

  • Give yourself time to process your emotions 

  • Journal, talk to a friend or therapist

  • Love your sensitivity. The word might've taken on a negative connotation. Not true!

  • The plus side of your sensitivity? It helps you have more compassion.

  • You just have to take care of yourself. 

  • Fill up your own cup so you can show up with more love to give. 

I know it's not always easy to love your sensitivities, especially when you get your feelings hurt or when you absorb the emotions of over. 

But, your sensitivity means your heart is wide open. 

It's your job to take care of it so you can show up healthy and whole with love to give. 

I hope you enjoy!!

Remember - if you're sensitive -- it's a beautiful gift. 

You can connect. 

You can FEEL. 

You can put yourself in someone else's shoes

You care about people. 

Your sensitivity keeps you open, with more LOVE to give. 

Don't ever forget it :) 

From my heart to yours, 

Devon McLeod