What You Can Read and Watch Right Now…


When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with the TV show:

Beverly Hills 90210.

This teen soap of the 90s held my attention with the scandalous stories of Dylan, Kelly and Brenda.

Would Dylan choose Kelly? Or Brenda?

Would I have as cool a high school experience as these teens?

I loved every minute of watching the show and eating my "healthy" diet of Cheez-its and Diet Coke.

I wanted to wear my hair in a braid like Kelly. I wanted neon biker shorts like Donna.

By the end of season two -- I was invested.

But without a fresh episode, I'd have to wait months to know what happened next.

Then -- something happened that made me leap for joy.

Keep in mind, this was pre-Netflix so most shows didn't have anything new coming out June - August.

The show started airing brand NEW episodes in the summer.

And I could enjoy the drama of the Beverly Hills gang, uninterrupted.

POOF, I was transported to the beaches of LA for the summer.

Green and white beach umbrellas.

Beach volleyball with all the cool kids. I could feel the sand on my feet as I watched the scandals unfold.

Is there anything better than finding something you love?

Especially when you're a kid and it doesn't involve leaving your couch?

I don't have fresh episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 --- although word on the street is there's a reboot?

But, what I do have is a few things I'm loving right now.

Here's what I'm loving right now <3

// Do Less by Kate Northrup (book)

This book shifts the way you think about productivity. Less stress and more value in the world. Super thought-provoking and freeing.

// Killing Eve (TV Show)

Two women. One's an assassin. The other's hired to track her down. There's loads of tension in every scene. Can't. Stop. Watching.

// Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio (work out)

This workout = FUN and sweaty. You can even dance around your living room and get funny looks from your dog like me. What I love most is you can do it practically anywhere.

// Pen15 on Hulu (TV show)

Middle school is challenging for well -- pretty much everyone, maybe? The show takes place in the early 2000s.

It centers around two best friends navigating clothes, make-up, parents and puberty.

It's hilarious and surprisingly tender. And it can actually help tend to those inevitable wounds that come with adolescence.

// This Liz Gilbert Quote

I always invite fear to stay with me. Because as soon as I say, 'It's okay for you to be here. And you can stay with me and we're going to do this together.' It just relaxes and it goes to sleep like a toddler in a car seat. - Liz Gilbert

The big takeaway: If you feel scared over doing something new, cut yourself some slack. It's part of being human.

Let go. You'll be fine, better than fine -- moving along toward your dreams and your beautiful life.

What're you loving right now? Books? Podcasts? Beverly Hills 90210 reboot?

Comment below and let me know! Love hearing what you're up to and what you recommend!

From my heart to yours,

Devon McLeod, LCSW
Holistic Psychotherapist

PS Also just finished the book The Beautiful No. So good. The author worked for Oprah and then quit her job. Yep, she quit to discover what she really needed in her life. Highly recommend.

PPS Okay this book, too: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone. It’s technically a “therapy book,” but it’s so much more. The author writes about her own struggles while she’s seeing clients. And she keeps it real. Entertaining and heartfelt. Highly recommend.