"I Want To Remember This Forever."


"You can actually train your brain to remember important memories. When I got married, I'd put my hands on my temples and would say to myself, 'I want to remember this moment forever.' " 

It was my wedding day. And Jessica, my beautiful hair and makeup artist, offered up this sage piece of wisdom as she did my friend Bree's smokey eye. 

I immediately perked up in my chair. 

Almost every person I spoke with at the rehearsal dinner told me to “enjoy every moment.” 

Since my brain can be a tad overactive - major understatement - I knew that it might be little *ahem* challenging.

But, I loved Jessica's down-to-earth, casual wisdom. Why not pause for five seconds throughout the day and say to myself, "I want to remember this moment forever."

The rest of the morning continued. My friends provided the most laid-back vibe I could've hoped for. We sat cross-legged in our chairs, relaxed with good muffins, listened to oldies and laughed. 

I think at one point I thought we were just hanging out instead of doing wedding prep.

When the ceremony was about to begin, we headed out of the hotel room and into the hallway. We gathered in a little circle with our bouquet of flowers.

Nicole, the ever laid back Floridian, immediately wanted to run inside to get her phone for another quick picture.

Bree and I started laughing when we both yelled out, "No! Don't leave! We're walking out soon!" 

At any moment we were set to walk down the stairs and into the garden one by one. 

My dad was waiting at the bottom. 

The sun was shining from the door. The carpet in the hallway was one of my favorite colors, a soft coral. 

I heard the guitarist playing Edelweiss outside and the hum of people getting settled. My friends were now lined up in front of me, but they kept turning around to see how I was doing. 

Then the moment came. I thought, "This is it. This is one of those moments." 

I put one hand on my heart and the other on my stomach and said, "I want to remember this moment forever." 

The friendship. The anticipation. The moment "just before," which is sometimes the best moment. 

I closed my eyes. I took five big deep breaths. I wanted to download the sensations, the sounds, the feelings, the vibes - everything. 

I wanted to remember it forever.

As I look back on the day, I remember a ton. Some of the moments feel like a blur, but if I zoom in, I'm flooded with memories.

My dad's speech. Walking down the aisle and locking eyes with my husband. Dancing to Florence and the Machine with my friends. 

A wedding is a "big thing." It's a lot of family, feelings, anticipation and little moments and big moments that can add up to a beautiful blur.  

But I also want to use the "five second" rule for the other seemingly smaller moments in life. I want to choose one moment every day to remember forever. 

It's not always easy for me. I can get caught up in the details and to-do lists of the day. I feel like I have to strive toward something rather than realizing each moment has the capacity to be memorable in its own way. 

But if I pause - I can see that the normal moments are perhaps filled with the same magic and love of the bigger ones. 

Tonight it was driving home from a weekend at the beach. My dog in my lap. My husband driving. The sun setting. And Red Hot Chili Peppers coming on the radio at the perfect time to signal a winding down for the weekend. 

I want to remember that moment forever, too. 

What moments do you want to remember forever? Leave a comment below or email me at devon@devonmcleod.com. I love hearing where you are on your journey.