Flower Essences for Public Speaking


I teach group fitness classes every couple months. And yet, it's not always easy for me to get in front of people and be "on stage." 

I wear a microphone when I teach like Britney Spears. It's awesome in many ways, but definitely attention-grabbing.

Depending on my mood, being on stage in this way can be a major hurdle. 

It's like when I'd give presentations in high school and college. I was super nervous right before and VERY relieved when it was over. 

A couple months ago, I was gearing up to teach a fitness class and it had been awhile. Like with anything when you're feeling rusty, I started to doubt myself and get super nervous.

Would I remember everything? What if I messed up? What if people hated the class? 

Major nerves. 

In addition to giving myself an internal pep talk and making sure I was extra caffeinated, I took a couple flower essences that help whenever I have to speak in front of people. 

I put a couple drops in my mouth the hours leading up to teaching. 

And as I walked into the room, I was still a little nervous - but it was less I want to crawl under the covers and hide and more, "Okay, I'm nervous, but let's do this." 

I felt more comfortable in my skin and less distracted. 

And I was WAY more focused on what mattered - showing up for other people and being present. 

I even had fun wearing my microphone ;) 

And if you're wondering - flower essences come in a little bottle and you place two drops under your tongue four times a day. 

Now, if you're asking yourself, "Um, okay what the heck are flower essences?" you're definitely NOT alone. 

My friend Nicole visited me a couple weekends ago and she said she envisioned me placing flower petals on my tongue haha.

I totally get WHY she thought this, but flower essences are so much cooler than that :) 

You can read about how they're made here. You can also watch this video of how you take them

You can buy them directly through Amazon, but there's also an awesome store in NYC called Flower Power Herbs and Roots if you're in the area. 

I invite you to check them out if you ever feel nervous speaking in front of people, being on stage or even taking any sort of risks. 

And while flower essences are awesome, LIFE is definitely the best confidence builder. 

But certain things like flower essences can help :) 

Check out my favorite flower essences for "stage fright" (I'm not sure I like that phrase!) or speaking in public below: 

Larch - I took this right before giving my Maid of Honor speech a couple years ago. The specific purpose of it is for increasing confidence, so it works like a charm. 

Mimulus - This one is for specific fears, like the fear of being on stage. You can also check it out for other fears like flying, heights, etc. 

Golden Yarrow - Golden Yarrow is great for empaths and sensitive people. It helps you NOT absorb the energy of other people so you can stay in your own zone. 

White Chestnut - Ever try to focus on a presentation and just had the thought of, "Don't mess up...don't mess up...don't mess up..."? White Chestnut helps ease racing thoughts so you can perform like the pro that you are. 

I hope you find this round-up of flower essences helpful! 

I want to hear YOUR best tips for speaking in public or being on stage. 

Comment below or email me directly at devon@devonmcleod.com


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