My Late Night Google Searches


I've always been curious about people, places and things. 

When I'm watching a TV show, I get so distracted thinking about the actors and their characters.

I have to stop myself from going on what my brother calls a "Wikipedia Deep Dive." 

A "Wikipedia Deep Dive" is when you're googling every name of every actor on The Sopranos and the next thing you know, you're googling their children. 

And then you start opening up new searches about their spouses - finding out what colleges they attended - all the while accidentally discovering what happens to every-character-on-the-show. 

Does anyone else do this? 

Okay...maybe just me ;)

But I love information. I love getting it and I LOVE sharing it. 

So as my gift to you, I'd love to share some of the information I've received lately.

Some of it was passed along to me and some of it I found on my very own knowledge "deep dive" aka googling well past my bedtime. 

However I received it, I'm thrilled to pass this info and inspiration along to you. 

I hope you enjoy!

1. Turmeric: The Super Supplement

I've been taking B6 and B12 for years, as well as Vitamin D, but Turmeric kept popping up in articles and blog posts I came across. The ancient spice is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can help with digestion and joint pain. I take it in supplement form, but you can also enjoy it in spice form in shakes and soups. 

2. A Cutting Cords Meditation for Letting...Things...Go

If you feel resentful toward someone or something - your boss, your friend, your family member - check out this meditation by Joseph Aldo, PH.d. 

It's perfect when you need to hit *reset* on your brain and let an argument go.

Head over to Dr. Kelly Brogan's website where it's recorded. You'll feel lighter in minutes. 

3. Greenmedinfo's Newsletter

If you're curious about toxins in your environment or which supplements you should be taking, I highly recommend subscribing or visiting

Greenmedinfo has everything in one place and it's easy to digest. Check out this post: 5 Food Medicines That Could Possibly Save Your Life. 

4. Positive Energy by Judith Orloff, MD. 

Judith Orloff is the Queen of Empaths. In her book, she provides simple and effective solutions for awakening your intuition and feeling more balanced and energized. This book helped me so much when I first moved to NYC. Her tip about checking your pulse when you need to stay in the moment works like a charm.

5. An Inspirational Article about Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron wrote Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail. I'd always heard about her humor and witbut this Vanity Fair article reveals another layer of her personality and leadership style. 

Meg Ryan and other actors explain how she was dedicated to creating an on-set environment that felt like a welcoming dinner party. It's inspiring, entertaining and provides a "behind the scenes" glimpse at some of her best films. 

6. Argan Rosemary Cleansing Oil. 

I love this product. I've been using it for years and it keeps your face clean without drying it out. You can use it before or after washing your face or even throughout the day. 

7. Golden Yarrow: A Natural Remedy for Empaths

If you DO identify as an empath or highly sensitive person, I recommend the flower essence Golden Yarrow.

Golden Yarrow helps protect your energy so you don't feel like you're absorbing everyone else's emotions. Take a couple drops under your tongue or mix it with water. 

8. Katie Hess and Her Flower Essence Podcast

I love Katie Hess - she's a flower essence alchemist who leads with love and authenticity. On her most recent podcast, she talks about diet, hormones and the best approach for leading a balanced life - body and soul. You can check out her podcasts here. 

9. Grace Atwood's Instagram Account

Grace Atwood always has the best product and BOOK recommendations. You can follow her instagram here and find her book club info here

10. An "Oprah Reminder" That It's Alllllll Going To Work Out

Every few months, when I think, "Why aren't things working out exactly as I want" I watch this Oprah interview. 

Filmed at Stanford University Business School, Oprah describes the so-called missteps and detours that inevitably led her to what she's meant to be doing in her life.

Watch here. 

It's SO easy to think we have to have things "figured out" all the time, and this video always reminds me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

It's perfect if you need a reminder that you're doing just fine :) 

What's the stuff you're loving at the moment? Any books, people or places you can't stop thinking about? 

Comment below and let me know! 

Have a beautiful weekend!

From my heart to yours, 

Devon McLeod, LCSW
Holistic Psychotherapist