Are You Trying To Be Perfect?

Are you ever hard on yourself for making mistakes? Even if they’re really small? Like, so small you know you “shouldn’t” beat yourself up?

I've been there soooo many times. I’m a - I like to say - recovering perfectionist.

Today I'm sharing about something that happened in 2nd grade and how it STILL helps me remember to chill out and take it easy on myself.

Here's the rundown on the video: 

  • I was a type-A perfectionist 8-year old. 

  • I made my parents drill with me spelling words every night. 

  • The first test of third grade I MISSED my FIRST spelling word (GASP!) 

  • And my reaction?! PURE BLISS! Relief. Tension melting release!!!

  • I didn't have to be perfect!!!

  • Moral of the story - live your life and make mistakes because it can be a relief when mistakes happen and everything works out just fine :)

Are you a recovering perfectionist? How do you handle? Leave a comment below or email me privately at Let’s talk about it!