Stuff I'm Lovin'


I'm obsessed with Top 10 Lists.

I religiously watched David Letterman growing up and his Top 10 list was always my favorite. 

I like things in bite-sized portions and I like knowing what's the best of the best. 

So here's my very own Top 10 list of stuff I'm loving these days. Some of it's informational and some of it's just really fun :) 

I hope you enjoy the round-up!

1) Weather App - Dark Sky 

I'm obsessed with this app. It's made me a weather nerd andI'm NOT complaining. It tells you when it'll rain down to the second. For those of us on the east coast or anywhere where it rains a lot - it's pretty awesome. 

2) Flower Essence - Larch

If there's a flower essenceI've taken the most, it's probably Larch. Larch is for confidence and public speaking.I've taken it before speeches or whenever I'm doubting myself in general. You can buy on amazon or you can check out this cool flower essence and herb shop if you're in NYC. 

3) Debra Silverman - Astrologist 

I fell in love with Debra when I stumbled upon her impersonations of all 12 zodiac signs. The Taurus one is spot-on (I'ma Taurus.) Her new video on the planets is released every few days on Youtube and I find her break-down so relatable and easy to understand. I also just found out Venus is in retrograde, but I'm still trying to figure out what that means (?!) 

4) Moment App 

I spend way too much time on my phone. Anyone else? This app helps you track your screen time (!!).I've noticed a change simply by knowing it's there. 

5) Ozark- Netflix Show 

Even thoughI'man empath and some of the scenes are violent (okay, super violent) I still love this show starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. Some people say that it's like Breaking Bad- same but different? Tip:I close my eyes during some parts. I also just think I would watch about anything with Laura Linney. 

6) Tracy Anderson Method

I love working out at home. I like the convenience of just putting on my sneakers and doing it.I've been doing The Tracy Anderson Method at home for almost year. It brings me back to my dancer roots and it's just fun to do stuff that reminds me of when I was little. 

7) Nutritionist Elissa Goodman

I found her on a random google search two years ago and now she's all over the place in a great way -being interviewed by Maria Menounous and filming her own holistic health and wellness show. I love her instagram feed. If you're in the LA area she also has a delivery soup cleanse. 

8) Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate

I order this chocolate online or pick it up in person at speciality chocolate stores. It's delicious - organic with no GMOs, dairy or refined sugar. 

9) Sweats And the City - Instagram 

I love these two women (Elizabeth & Dale). I used to teach barre fitness classes and I remember when they were first starting out with their business. They keep it real, but positive and I always get something out of their posts/blogs even if it's not exercise related.I.e. They recently posted about the benefits of phone-free mornings and ways to manage anxiety. 

10) Elder Millennial- Netflix Special 

Iliza Shelesinger's stand-up special is straight-up hilarious. She focuses on the idea of being an "elder millennial" aka she's 35 years old and just on the cut-off. I was hysterically laughing throughout the entire thing and I now follow her dog on instagram.

What are you loving right now? 

Any books? Podcasts? TV shows? 

It's that time of year where I'm feeling myself want to hunker down with a good book and possibly binge watch stuff over the weekends.

Send 'em my way!

Reply to this email and let me know! love hearing from you!

From my heart to yours, 

Devon McLeod, LCSW
Holistic Psychotherapist

p.s. I couldn't resist sending you this quote I came across from one of my favorite people, Brene Brown: 

"Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love." - Brene Brown. 

I know I can struggle with being hard on myself (recovering perfectionist life!) so let's promise ourselves we'll drop the whole beating ourselves up thing. Or let's at least be aware when it happens - and say something nice to ourselves instead :) 

Have a beautiful week!