The Golden Girls Got This Wrong: Therapy Myth-Busting


Have you ever watched a TV show with a really WEIRD therapist? 



I certainly have. 



The 1950s era Mad Men show when Betty sees a psychoanalyst comes to mind. Betty sits on a couch while the therapist says absolutely NOTHING throughout the session. I think halfway through she even lights up a cigarette. 



And I also think about my all-time favorite show The Golden Girls and how all THREE women went to see a therapist to help them with their roommate problems.



Did Blanche end up hitting on the therapist? I can't remember. The episode ended up being more funny than a realistic depiction of what happens in a therapist's office. 



Because of all the media portrayals out there about therapy, today I'm busting one of the most POPULAR myths I see: 



Therapy Myth: Therapy is SELF-INDULGENT



Have you ever heard someone say that therapy is for people who have a TON of time on their hands? Or that therapy is for people who wants to stay stuck in their problems? 



Me, too!



I'm BUSTING that myth today because therapy is definitely NOT self-indulgent and it's NOT always like what you see in the movies or on TV. 



You don't have to go into a therapist's office and talk OVER AND OVER again about your problems on a road to nowhere.



And it's NOT for people who are just looking for someone to tell them how great they are and to stroke their egos. 



Therapy provides an opportunity for DEEP SOUL WORK, where you can change the way you respond when you feel anxious, sad or can clarify the goals you want for your career and relationships....and you get to decide the type of person YOU want to be. 



So therapy is the OPPOSITE of self-indulgent, namely because it provides the opportunity for you to show up more fully in all of your relationships. 



You can be a better wife, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, employee, you name it. 



So sing it with me now...



Therapy is an investment in YOURSELF and it provides the opportunity to improve all of your relationships...including the one with yourself. 



Now I of course, want to hear from YOU! Do you think the myth about therapy being self-indulgent still exists? Or do you think people are opening their eyes more to the power of self-help and healing?



And maybe it's not just with therapy - maybe with seeing a minister, attending workshops, whatever it is YOU do to work on yourself. Write your perspective in the comments below! I love hearing from you!



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