Enjoy a Comparison-Free Life

Full disclosure - I used to compare my life to everyone else's. 

Or more specifically - I'd compare my life to someone who had THAT THING I wanted - whether it was a relationship, career, wardrobe choices, etc. 

It's simply NOT a good idea. 

But I assume you know this and would definitely agree :) 

Something clicked for me a few years ago when it came to dropping the whole "compare and despair" game. And I'm so grateful it did. 

Today I'm sharing my tips for letting go of comparison. When you use these tips, you'll feel more relaxed and at peace with how things are unfolding in YOUR life.


Tip #1 Keep the Focus On Yourself

Are you jealous of your friends' exotic vacations? Or maybe you really want to have a career like your colleague who seems to get promoted every 6 months? Put the focus back on YOU. Ask yourself, "Where in my life do I want to be going to adventurous places?" and "When can I put myself up for a promotion?"

And most importantly - forgive and let yourself off the hook for those kind of comparing thoughts. You're human! 


Tip#2 Let Things Unfold

Sometimes we don't know WHY things are happening the way they are. It can be SUPER frustrating, especially if it feels like we're falling *behind.* But we have to trust that things are working out the way they're meant to.

The universe can seem like a mystery in terms of timing and things falling into place. Trust that everything is part of the plan. 


Tip #3 Talk About It 

Don't keep your thoughts to yourself! I've tried it and it's NOT helpful. Talk to a friend or therapist. You'll be surprised by the relief you feel when you put it all out there in a safe place.

As acclaimed social worker and researcher Brene Brown says, "Shame can't survive empathy." Get those thoughts out to someone you trust!


Now it's your turn! Do you ever find yourself getting into comparison-mode? What do YOU do to stay centered and keep the focus on yourself? Write in the comments below or email me at devon@devonmcleod.com. I love hearing from you!