3 Tips Every Sensitive Person Needs

Ever since I can remember, I've loved being alone and while I also love people, I recharge during periods of solitude. I'm an empath.

You may be one too if you're exhausted by large group gatherings or you feel drained after too much activity. Living as an empath is totally doable with a little self-love, boundary setting and creativity. 



Today I'm sharing a VIDEO with my 3 tips for THRIVING as an empath and sensitive person. 


3 Tips for Thriving as an Empath:


1) Accept Who You Are

Don't try to be anyone but yourself. For years, I tried hanging out in large crowds and keeping a go-go-go mentality. It was exhausting and I ended up not being fully present with family and friends. Accept who you are and honor the beauty in your individuality. 


2) Communicate Clearly

Be honest with loved ones. Say, "I need a 10 minute walk by myself to recharge. I'll feel more myself when I come back!" People will respect your authenticity. 


3) Get Your Tool Kit Ready

Water. Personal Space. Headphones. Essential Oils. Get 3 things you *KNOW* will bring you back to a place of serenity and calm. For more ideas on tools for a sensitive person head over to my previous post on living life as an empath. 



Now I want to hear from YOU!  I love talking about the ways we're different and how we can better understand each other as people. Do you know someone who is sensitive? Do you need alone time to decompress and feel like yourself again? Share in the comments below!