Why You Should Absolutely Trust Your Intuition

A few years ago I felt a strong pull to work at a spa in New York City. I tried to distract myself from the thought because it didn't "make sense": 


I should get another job!

This job has nothing to do with my Social Work degree! 


And yet, in my quietest moments, when I was in nature, washing dishes, or after exercising, I felt relaxed and at peace every time I pictured myself working at this spa. 


I sat for a couple weeks grappling with whether to take the job or ignore my intuition completely. 


Thankfully, I listened to my gut, took the job and ended up meeting people who are my most trusted and valued friends to this day. 


I also received invaluable personal and professional lessons: I learned the art of running a business, the value of customer service and what it means to truly care about the people you serve.


During this time, things flowed and I felt like I was right where I was supposed to be. 


All because I listened to my intuition. 


In fact, I could (and probably will!) write a blog just about the rich spiritual and personal lessons I gained from saying YES to my inner wisdom - taking the job was a pivotal point in my personal and professional growth.  


Have you ever gotten a hunch to do something?


Maybe you get an inkling to call a certain person or travel to a certain place. Perhaps you feel stuck at your job and have an urge to switch things up.


Your intuition is ALWAYS there. We just get so caught up in overthinking, binge watching shows (guilty) and feeling disconnected that we lose sight of our inner wisdom. 


Sometimes I think about what might have happened if I hadn't followed my gut. Staying strictly in your intellect and thoughts can be all too easy to do. Thankfully you can access your intuition at any time.


Here's how to let go of over thinking and connect to your wisdom: 


  • Meditate - Check out Headspace, Kundalini Yoga, guided meditations or simply close your eyes for 3 minutes and breathe. Quiet your thoughts.


  • Take a hiatus - Instead of sitting at your desk and thinking over and over again about the same problem, tell yourself you're going to take a break from thinking about it for a whole day. I always come up with the best solutions after a breather.


  • Put your thoughts out there - Ask a question related to what you're struggling with right before you go to bed. That way, your unconscious has time to process what you're going through while getting some shut-eye.


  • Play some funky music - Play something that gets your creative juices flowing. For me, it's Deva Premal's mantra music. As opposed to my regular Spotify stuff, the mantras work on me in a deep way. The next thing I know, I'm more relaxed and open.


  • Find your happy place - You probably have a place where you instantly feel relaxed. Maybe it's the beach, mountains, running outside, biking, exercising, etc. Go to these places and do these activities more frequently.


Resist the urge to chase your intuition. I'm going to go on that bike ride so I can feel intuitive! 


Let the moments come to you and resist trying to figure things out. I got the feeling to work at the spa when I was sitting quietly in my apartment one day.


Your most profound moments will likely come when you're not thinking about it. 


In terms of action, you don't always have to act immediately. Thankfully I've collected enough experience over the years to know if I sit too long, I end up frustrated and stagnant. You'll find your rhythm. 


You may come up against resistance from loved ones, coworkers or even yourself when you follow your intuition.


Your intuition may tell you to quit a job, move states or start doing something completely new. People may look at you with weird head tilts and a pained expression in their eye like, "Oh, you're doing thatttt." (I've totally gotten this response). 


Each time you take a step in the direction of trusting your intuition, you strengthen it and send a signal to yourself and the universe that you're receptive to listening. 


You're also sending a much needed signal to yourself to not care what people think (that was the biggest lesson I got from trusting my gut). 


By quieting your mind, you'll feel like life is less of a struggle and more of a beautiful unraveling of experiences designed to give you everything you need.


My hope is that you'll continue living a life where you drop all the "shoulds." I should spend time with this person, I should be happy at this job, etc.


You'll start to find a knack for listening to your heart, your gut, whatever you want to call it. Imagine how you'll feel when you do the things your soul wants to do. 


This quote from Deepak Chopra perfectly sums up the beauty of following your intuition: 


"We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego, beyond the tools of logic, and reason, to the still, calm place within us: the realm of the soul." 


Wishing you a soulful journey, 






How do you connect to your gut feelings and intuition? Write in the comments below or email devon@devonmcleod.com. I love hearing from you!