How I Got My Flower Fix


Sometime in my late 20s, I became the type of person who saw healers, tried acupuncture and began to believe in the mind-body connection. Initially, I didn't want to be viewed as "out there" by my family and friends. I was raised in a traditional household where we went to the doctor when we were sick and took Tylenol every time we had a headache. 

Surprisingly, no one balked at my holistic approach to living. In fact, my family grew interested in the natural cold remedies I brought home and the mantra music playing from my childhood bedroom...That is until I introduced something else that made them temporarily question my sanity: 

Flower essences.

Unlike traditional medicine, flower essences work on an energetic level to address all aspects of our spiritual and emotional health. You can take flower essences for anxiety, depression, increased confidence, help getting over a break-up and much more. They come in liquid form and you can take them under your tongue, in a glass of water or in a bath. While certain flower essences are sold at Whole Foods and other health food stores, they're still not super popular. My ultimate wish is for flower essences to become as common as acupuncture, yoga and green juice. 

Here are some of my favorite flower essences for whatever life throws your way: 


Impatiens: for patience

I'm naturally an impatient person and sometimes (all the time) I wish I wasn't wired this way. I meditate and breathe deeply, but sometimes I still rush around for no reason. Impatiens is a flower essence to take when you want to feel, well....more patient. I use it when traveling (hello airport security lines) and I always feel more calm when someone is taking off their shoes and organizing their belongings slowly in front of me. Before I know it, I'm more relaxed, indicated by my shoulders dropping away from my ears and a soft smile spreading across my face. 


Walnut: for life transitions

If there's one thing that's constant in life - it's change. We move apartments, change jobs and embark on new experiences.  Walnut can be used for everything from the birth of child to letting go of an old pattern (i.e giving up smoking or cutting back on caffeine). Walnut releases our clinginess to the past while making way for what's to come. 


Larch: for confidence

Larch has a special place in my heart because I take it ALL THE TIME.  Larch is for confidence, standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. Any people-pleasers out there? Larch is for you. 


Oak: for self-care

I love the show This is Us. One of the main characters, Randall Pearson, has a classic "oak personality." On a recent episode (spoiler alert) he broke down and couldn't move after exerting all his energy trying to be perfect.  People who need Oak usually appear strong and capable while striving toward perfection, but at the cost of their own health. For those with a Type-A personality, Oak helps you slow down and practice self-care. 


Mimulus: for fear

Mimulus is indicated when you're feeling scared. In fact, I took it right before posting this blog. "What if it's not good enough?" I said to myself two minutes before I hit the publish button. Fear is a tricky beast and oftentimes our thoughts get in the way of maximizing our potential. Mimulus calms our fear-based thoughts so we can move forward with ease. 


I'm happy to report my family now fully embraces my love for flower essences and in fact, they put it right up there with my love for yoga and meditation. Sometimes all we have to do is take the leap – we might just be surprised by the sweet acceptance waiting on the other side.




Have you ever tried a wellness approach you thought your friends and family wouldn't get behind? What was it and did you ever share? Write in the comments below! For more info on flower essences, contact me directly!


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***Flower essences come in a small 1 oz. bottle with dropper. Each bottle contains about five or six essences depending on your personalized blend. Flower essences are created by placing specific flowers at the height of bloom in water and stabilizing them using a high-proof alcohol. The resulting brews are imprinted with unique floral energies.***