How To Open Your Heart

Sometimes it's hard for me to let go and drop into the most sacred and all-knowing part of heart. But whenever I do, I come to decisions easily, I'm guided by my intuition and I have more patience with myself and others. 

My perspective gets crystal clear and I'm instinctively aware of what matters most. Issues that bothered me seem like distant memories and I'm in awe of everything and everyone. I always want to capture this feeling and hold on to it forever. 

Occasionally, I lose my footing. I become impatient. I'm more critical. I check my phone way too much. I'm moving fast, but with less efficiency because I'm forcing things and leading with my intellect alone. 

Here's how you can shift your perspective back to your heart at any time: 


1) Spend Time in Nature

When we spend time in nature, we immediately connect with a feeling of expansiveness. Flowers know when to bloom, leaves know when to fall and when we spend time around that kind of wisdom, we remember that we're also living in perfect timing. Spend time in nature and feel grounded, calm and ready to meet the world with a renewed sense of patience and love. 


2) Connect with a loved one IN PERSON

There's texting rapid-fire style with friends and then there's meeting in person and really asking people how they're doing. I'm super guilty of not making enough time to get together with people and just "be." Remember in high school and college when you'd just hang with people for hours talking about anything and everything? Bring a little bit of that energy back to your next conversation or lunch date. Less rush, more savoring. 


3) Release Separation

We can be so focused on "finding our tribe" and connecting with like-minded beings that we forget the beauty in noticing similarities. The next time you're in line for coffee or navigating a crowded store, look into a person's eyes and see something that's the same in yourself. Instead of judging someone for running through a store, remember a time you were feeling stressed and send the person some love. This practice helps take away any illusion of separation. 


4) Slow Down and Practice Self-Care

My natural tendency is to move through the world at lightning speed. That's all well and good until I burn out, get tired and become impatient with everyone in my life. To stay heart-centered, we have to tend to our bodies. Some of my favorite ways to get connected are through acupuncture, reflexology and deep tissue massage. I usually end up moving more slowly and methodically; less in a rush, more okay with the now and kinder to everyone around me.  


5) Laugh or Cry...Whatever Feels Right

Our bodies have infinite wisdom and know exactly what to do in certain moments. The other day I really needed to laugh, so I watched a funny movie. Tension in my shoulders dissipated as I cackled to myself. Sometimes I need to cry, so I'lll turn on a movie that'll get the tears flowing. We're meant to feel a range of feelings. It's the beauty of being human. Let yourself feel. 

I came across this quote from one of my favorite animated films of all time (that always makes me cry!) Initially I didn't want to share it because my brain thought it might be silly. But I'm leading with my heart, so here it goes: 


"Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen carefully." - Littlefoot's mother, Land Before Time


From my heart to yours...Happy Valentine's Day, 





What helps you stay heart-centered? Write in the comments below and feel free to share this post with a friend!