I Hope You're Still In Your PJ's...


Happy Holidays!


I hope you're enjoying this holiday season. And if you're anything like me - I hope you're relishing in a much needed break from the hustle and bustle.

Personally, I love spending the week between Christmas and New Year's in pajamas, watching Netflix, reading juicy novels and rarely leaving the house. 

There's just something about putting on fuzzy socks and puttering from room to room that makes me oh so happy. 

And in case you're in the mood for some inspiration in between Netflix, eggnog and opening gifts, I've included a Greatest Hits of blog posts that are all about relaxation, self-love and taking it easy. 

Topics fitting for this chilled out week :) 

So grab a coffee, tea or beverage of choice and click on the post that sparks your interest...or feel free to read them all :) 

A Round-up of My Favorite Blogs:

1) Too Sensitive? No such thing (my manifesto on accepting your sensitivity) 

(Helpful if you're feeling like you need some "alone time" to decompress). 

2) My Top 10 Favorite Things (everything from pit bulls to astrology and interior design to natural healing remedies) 

If you're looking for an uplifting show to binge-watch, an inspiring instagram to follow or a Youtube channel to check-out...you'll find something here! 

3) Self-Love for The Holidays (aka be kind to yourself and know when to take a breather) 

Tips for feeling calm around family. I share my habit of acting like a 13-year old when I hang out with my brother....and how YOU can stay centered when hangin' with your family, too. 

4) How To Have Your Best Year Yet (flower essences for the New Year - originally featured on wellness website mindbodygreen. 

Full disclosure - I'm not *that* into New Year's resolutions, but these flower essences can help you appreciate the moment and take risks year-round. 

5) Tips for Transitions (what to do when things are changing and you're freaking out) 

I reveal my astrological sign and how it impacts my fixed nature :) This is one of my first blogs and I feel like I constantly need to take my own advice on this! 

6) I *finally* Tried a Meditation App (A detailed account of my experience using the Headspace meditation app) 

You can customize your meditations to 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 20 minutes and topics range from relationships and anxiety to sleep and creativity.

7) Tips for Winter Living (I share my experience with a "Happy Light" after years of skepticism

The change of seasons brings a shift in energy, not only in weather but within your body, too. Survival mechanisms are indicated and I share my favorites for getting through Dec - March. 

I hope you enjoy!

Wishing you a beautiful (and cozy!) rest of your week. 

I'll *see* you in the New Year!


From my heart to yours, 

Devon McLeod, LCSW
Holistic Psychotherapist