Self-Love For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is next week!

You may be feeling super excited for lots of family time or you may be secretly plotting a Kevin McCallister-style holiday where you order pizza and binge watch Stranger Things.

You could also be feeling excitement and anxiety all rolled into one. 

Either way, you're totally NORMAL.

The holidays bring up lots of feelings. 

Today I'm sharing a video where I talk about my 3 tips for practicing self-love during the holidays.

Because the more you stay centered during stressful times, the more you'll be able to show up as your *BEST* self, not drive everyone around you crazy and actually ENJOY your time during Turkey Day...however you choose to spend it. 

Here are my 3 tips for practicing self-love during the holidays: 


1) Accept

It sounds pretty simple, but you have to ACCEPT what you're feeling before you head home. Are you excited? Stressed? A little nervous? Zero in on WHAT you're feeling. It's also totally normal to feel 1,001 emotions all at once - just be with whatever arises. Take your hand to your chest as the plane lands or as you drive up your childhood driveway. Why? Because if you're NOT honest with yourself, you can end up tense while trying to pretend like everything is okay. Be real and take a breath. 


2) Go With a Mantra

A Mantra? For Thanksgiving? Yes. Last year, I was so wary about being distracted and on my phone all weekend, that I made a conscious effort to unplug and connect with myself. The result? The entire weekend felt like a spa retreat. I read books, meditated and didn't stress out about running around and trying to fit everything in. Choose one intention for when you're home or visiting family to avoid that feeling of "I wish I'd seen more people," or "I wish I'd rested more." You'll be clear with your goals and you'll come out of the holiday getting more of what YOU wanted. 


3) Remember - You are an adult. 

When I'm home, I have the capacity to act like a bratty 13-year old. There, I said it. As much as I think of myself as a spiritual, composed woman, the second I'm stuck in traffic with my mom, I can become the girl in middle school who just wanted to go to the mall and blast Green Day. Why does this happen? Because when you're in your childhood environment, with the people who've known you the longest, you can regress and act like the younger version of yourself. 


Fun, right? Not really. The solution for this one is to remember you are an ADULT. You have resources NOW that you didn't have when you were younger. So if your inner child is ready to roll her eyes or raise her voice, take a breath and remember that NOW you have the freedom of choice. You can respond how you'd like to respond and you can even take a break, go for a drive (yay for being an adult and being able to drive), take a yoga class, meditate, go for a walk, read a book, etc. 


And more than anything, remember to just be in the moment and accept yourself, your experience and the people around you. 


I hope these tips are helpful! Let me know if there's anything special YOU do to take care of yourself. Leave a comment below or email


I wish you the best over the next week, however you're spending the holiday.


From my heart to yours,