My Top 10 Favorite Things

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I'm a sucker for any sort of Top 10 list, but the type of list that makes me absolutely weak in the knees is any beauty blogger's list of products they can't live without. 


There's just something comforting about having another person's recommendations (and grunt work!) in a list that's not too long and not too short. 


With the holidays in full swing, I'm seeing gift guides and lists everywhere, so I decided to live out my fantasy of being a beauty blogger and get involved. 


I've included a Top 10 list of people, products and services that spark my curiosity, bring me joy and keep me grounded. 


I hope you'll find at least one item (hopefully more!) that surprises you, makes you go "hmmm" or inspires YOU to explore. 


1) Dear Sugar - Podcast

I'm late to the game when it comes to following Podcasts, but my friend Bree (who frequently edits my blogs - thanks Bree!) introduced me to this one. It's hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond and covers everything from books to relationships to current events.

I love listening when I'm doing chores or walking my dog. The time flies and I learn something new. I especially love the episode with Oprah Winfrey where they talk about the power of saying no (which can be tough at times!) 



2) Deva Premal's Music

Deva Premal is a singer known for putting Sanskirt mantras to captivating melodies. If this doesn't sound like your jam, then give it a try at least ONCE. You don't even have to know what the mantras mean to feel instantly relaxed and at peace when you hear her voice.

Play the music in the background when you read, cook, write or do dishes. She's on Spotify and you won't regret it. 



3) Megan Hopp -  Interior Design

Megan Hopp is a NYC-based interior designer who comes up with creative solutions to make your home feel uniquely yours. She's not afraid to break rules and she's obsessed with all sorts of wallpaper. Check out her instagram here and website here.

If you're not in NYC, she offers "room in an envelope" packages  where she works with you remotely to create the home of your dreams. She's been featured in Forbes and The New York Times. 



4) Ayurveda - Natural Healing

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of natural healing with its origin in India. The three doshas - vatta, pitta and kapha are the energies that make-up a person. I'm a vatta-pitta dosha, which means I need to feel grounded and WARM in the winter to avoid feeling rundown.

After living in NYC for 12 years and practicing the principles for one year, I can tell you that ayurveda makes a difference in feeling healthy in the colder months. Take this quiz to discover your dosha. From there, you can do certain things like dry brush, eat at certain time of day and avoid certain foods and incorporate others to feel your best. 



5) Modern Cosmic - Youtube Channel

Lately, I've been in a Youtube Vortex while watching astrologist Nichole Huntsman's Youtube channel. She breaks down sun signs, moon signs and rising signs in practical, down-to-earth ways.

The last time I watched her channel I was soaking up the astro-knowledge over an hour. I also learned the importance of looking at your moon sign (I'd never even heard of this!), which informs how you handle romantic relationships and emotions. 



6) Bach Flower Essences - Natural Remedy for Anxiety

I love bach flower essences. They're a natural, holistic approach to dealing with everything from insomnia, fears and overall stress. My favorite essences are White Chestnut for racing thoughts and Larch for increased confidence (I've taken Larch before public speaking and it works like a charm). 



7) Headspace - Meditation App

There's definitely no *right* or *wrong* way to meditate, but one of my favorite apps is Headpsace. You can choose between various amounts of time (3 minutes, 10 minutes or 20). Plus, they have meditations for different areas of your life like relationships, gratitude, fears, etc. 



8) Kelly Brogan - Holistic Psychiatrist

Kelly Brogan challenges the traditional pharmaceutical approach to mental health. Based on her years of training, she offers a health protocol for depression, anxiety, PMS, etc. that consists of dietary changes and meditation techniques. She also has a delicious breakfast smoothie recipe to increase brain health. Check it out here. 



9) Esther Perel - Relationship Therapist

Esther Perel is an acclaimed psychotherapist who focuses on issues of infidelity, monogamy and relationships. Her latest book State of Affairs explores the way society and individuals view affairs. I couldn't put it down. Her perspective will definitely challenge you to think outside the box when it comes to exploring why people cheat, what it means for the couple and how you can effectively communicate and foster a healthy relationship. She also has a Podcast which you can listen to here. 



10) Pit Bulls and Parolees - TV Show

I recently discovered this show on a flight from NYC to LA (even though it's been on the air for almost 10 years!) The show follows Tia Maria Torres as she rescues pit bulls and employs men on parole. I cried multiple times during the first episode as I watched them rescue a stray pit bull trapped in a field. Pit bulls and Parolees just might be replacing The Golden Girls as my new comfort TV. 


I hope you enjoy my roundup! It's so important to *know* the things that bring you joy, anchor you and help you feel grounded when times get tough or stressful. I'm inviting you to make a list of at least 3 things that bring you joy. It could be holiday baking, that beach read you're just now getting to November or anything else that puts a smile on your face.


Remember to incorporate joy - however you can :)


I'd love to hear what's on your list! Email me at or leave a comment below!