Flower Essences For Empaths



Last weekend, I ran errands in Soho, which can be a CRAZY experience in New York City with TONS of people. By the end of my excursion, I was feeling drained, impatient and ready for a three-hour nap. 

I'm an empath. You might be one, too if you feel exhausted by lots of people or if you easily pick up on the vibes of those around you. 

I've written about tips for empaths and sensitive people before. It's one of my favorite topics! But today I'm talking about the one resource I ALWAYS come back to: 

Flower essences. 

Flower essences are a natural remedy that help you feel more calm and grounded. I've used them for six years and they've never let me down. I also use them in my therapy practice

So instead of crawling into bed like I wanted to last weekend, I took some flower essences. The result? I instantly felt recharged and was in a WAY better mood. 

And I want YOU to have the info you need to feel calm and centered. 



Here are the specific flower essences I recommend if you're a sensitive person or empath. I've included the links for purchasing on Amazon -  simply click on each essence in yellow and read the descriptions to see which one resonates.



Flower Essences For Empaths / Sensitive People: 

Golden Yarrowprotects your energy so you don't feel worn out by your environment i.e. crowds and high traffic areas

Pink Yarrowassists with healthy boundaries; alleviates emotions absorbed from other people; helpful if you "take on" other people's problems

Water Violet -indicated if you isolate or keep to yourself when feeling drained or misunderstood; helps you connect more easily to others while still maintaining a sense of self 

Hornbeam - helps with chronic exhaustion and difficulties getting out of bed in the morning 

Mimulus - addresses specific fears i.e fear of crowds, heights, flying, speaking in public, etc. 

Love Lies Bleeding - helps you develop more compassion for the world when you're feeling internal pain 

Impatiens - helps you feel more relaxed and patient

Each flower essence can be taken by itself or mixed with others in a small bottle. Two drops under your tongue four times a day is usually effective, but you can take them more frequently for stressful periods. 

In addition to taking flower essences, make sure you're getting quality sleep, drinking water, eating healthy foods and pacing your activities in a way that feels good for your soul. In other words, take care of your energy in a loving way :) 

Remember - when you take care of yourself, you show up with more presence and love to give the world. 

Keep your heart open. Honor your sensitivity. 

From my heart to yours, 





p.s. Are you a sensitive person? Do you know someone who is? Either way, I want to hear from you! How do you stay calm and grounded? Leave a comment below!