Tips for Introverts (


I haven't written about this before, but I'm recently engaged and have been busy planning a wedding. As someone who is introverted and needs time alone to balance myself out, I've been brainstorming ways to feel centered on the big day. 

My jaw dropped a couple weeks ago when I was contacted by to share my tips for introvert brides. The writer, Jenny Berg, had NO idea I was recently engaged. But she did know I have an affinity for writing about introverts and flower essences. 

I don't believe in accidents. And I love to keep my eye out for life's synchronicities. This was a beautiful one. 


Head over to to check out the article where myself and other holistic practitioners share advice for introvert brides.

I also think the tips can apply to other areas of your life - whether it's vacations with other people or simply finding ways to feel centered when life gets busy. 

I hope you enjoy!

From my heart to yours, 


Devon McLeod