Tips for Winter Living

Winter in New York City can be brutal. I'm from sunny Southern California and even after 10 years on the East Coast, I still find myself needing a little extra support when the days are gray and the temperatures drop. 

Instead of complaining about the weather and counting down until spring, I've learned to embrace the time to go inward and curl up with a comfy blanket and cup of tea. 

Here are my 5 favorite tools for thriving during the winter months. And if you live somewhere like California or Florida, you can still benefit because even a subtle shift in the weather can affect our systems! Or maybe all you warm weather dwellers can simply forward these tips along to someone in need. 


1) Light Therapy 

I'm late to the game when it comes to purchasing what I lovingly refer to as my "happy light," but let's just say I noticed an immediate shift in my energy. Sometimes the sun doesn't peek out through the clouds and it's been great to start my day with a bright light staring back at me. I'll drink my coffee with it about 12 inches away from my head. Warning - do NOT stare at this thing straight on. Think peripheral vision. I noticed my energy was higher when it came to working and writing and I was dragging my feet less when it came to going outside. Placebo? Maybe. But, I'm choosing to believe that this light is giving me the added boost in my energy to power through February and March. 


2) Essential Oils

I'm a sensitive person, so thankfully various aromas can work pretty easily on my system. If I'm having a hard time getting to bed, I'll place some lavender under my feet and if I'm in a funk, I'll place some Elevation from DoTerra on my wrists. Sometimes it's the little things that give you the added shift to make it through the day. 


3) Shea Butter

What did I do before shea butter? Looking back, I arrived in NYC with measly lotions and creams compared to what I really needed to fight the elements of the city. A little bit of this mixed with your regular lotion and you're good to go. I even place a little on my face, which freaks out my friends with oily prone skin, but I promise it's worth it. 


4) Good Feng Shui

I've worked with amazing Feng Shui expert Laura Cerrano, who you should all check out. She's bicoastal and offers remote consultations. The impact your home has on your mood can be pretty alarming. My favorite tip from her is to make sure your "relationship corner" in your room has warm/hot colors like red and purple and that objects are in twos. For example, you'll want two candles, a picture of two palm trees, etc. That way, whether you're with a partner or not, you're reinforcing the energy of feeling supported by your current (or future!) mate. We can spend more time in our homes during colder months, so having a supportive environment is key. 


5) Danielle LaPorte's Daily Planner

I'm having a love affair with Danielle LaPorte's daily planner. Instead of focusing on mundane "tasks" and "to-do's," you focus on how you want to FEEL and everything flows from there. My core feeling this year is FUN. If you've known me at any point in my life, you'll recognize that this is a warranted goal because I've had the tendency to be serious since I was in pre-K. Whatever feeling or concept you want more of in 2017, you can streamline your actions based on that feeling. 

Now if you need me, I'll be having a dance party in the kitchen with my dog. 

Here's to self-care and more fun :) 


How do you survive the colder temps? Any life hacks you want to share? Leave your comments below and feel free to share this post with a friend!


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