Fixes for a Wandering Mind


“I can’t BELIEVE my legs are shaking.”


“How is she lower in push-ups?


“That's it - Less Netflix, more planking.” 


Sound familiar? These thoughts come from a Core Fusion teacher at exhale spa – me. I used to think teachers pranced into class with perfect smiles and without a distracting thought.


Turns out, fitness instructors are human, too.


The good news – we have the opportunity to change our thoughts, change our bodies and have more fun.


Here are 4 tips for staying focused:


1) Master Your Mind


Thoughts come and go – nasty ones, positive ones and everything in between. If your thought is, “I’m so weak today” acknowledge its presence and move on. What we put attention on grows, so don't give the negative thoughts any more power. Take a breath and thank your mind for its creativity.  


2) Let Go


“Letting go” might not seem useful for getting stronger, but the opposite is true. After a shoulder injury, I spent many classes frustrated by my perceived limitation. After I let go, I educated myself on injuries, infusing correct alignment into every class.  Look for the silver lining in your life. My injury made me a better teacher. Experiences are usually teaching tools for growth. 


3) Laugh


Tending to your body is serious work, but don’t take yourself too seriously. I’ve done everything from tangle a microphone in my hair, fall down during a stretch and topple over a neighbor during glute work. When we find humor, we’re in the moment. Look at your “clumsiness” or “mistakes” as gentle reminders from the universe to lighten up and enjoy.


4) Finish Strong


I’ve noticed a trend of people leaving class early. I’ve had my fair share of times when I ran home to shower or was just experiencing a sense of urgency to get stuff done.


I get it. The thing is, when we duck out of class, we’re reinforcing the idea that we have too much to do with little or no time. By finishing our workouts, we set a tone of peace, signaling that we can fit everything in and that our bodies are worth the time.


What tip will you be using the next time you're pulsing at the barre or turning your knob on the bike? Write in the comments below and contact me for a complimentary consultation around keeping your thoughts in check.