Who Are You?

I’m a licensed therapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW) who helps sensitive and Type-A perfectionists feel calm and trust their intuition.

A little background on me: I moved to New York City from California straight out of college and taught 2nd grade in the Bronx through Teach for America.

I struggled with homesickness and feeling like I didn’t measure up. Plus, the blaring lights and loud noises of New York City were tough for my sensitive person tendencies.

From there, I went to Columbia for grad school, where my internships included being a probation officer in the Southern District of New York and working as a social worker and therapist at an outpatient clinic in Harlem for four years.

You could say I placed a little bit of pressure on myself during this time. I was also the Assistant Director at a weight management clinic in midtown Manhattan.

I share this with you so you know I get what it’s like working in a fast-paced and pressure-filled setting.

I also know what it’s like to deep down want a different rhythm, pace and way of being with yourself and your life.

One where you can accomplish everything you want in the world, but where you stay true to yourself.

What Do You Do?

My approach is all about releasing perfectionism and helping you harness (and trust!) your intuition.

Through a personalized approach, I help you look at the areas of your life that are working and the ones you want to change.

Who It’s For:

This is for you if you have high standards for yourself.

You may have even reached the point where you’ve said, “I've tried self-help books, I've talked to my friends and family, I’ve even considered attending a workshop or retreat.

But nothing feel right and I’m looking for something more personalized.”

Why It’s Unique:

You'll get weekly individualized support to help you with everything from letting go of the past to keeping your cool during work meetings.

I also completed a three year post graduate training in Gestalt therapy in NYC.

Gestalt therapy focuses on the mind-body connection versus traditional “talk only” therapy. Gestalt therapy feels similar to yoga in that you’ll honor your connection between your mind and your body.

How you feel in your body, your breath and your stress levels are so important in getting a clear picture on how to best achieve your goals. I also use Bach Flower Remedies, which you can read more about here.

How It Works:

We’ll meet weekly for individual sessions. How many times we meet, depends on your goals and what you’re specifically looking to change and improve.

You might want to come in for 6 sessions or you might want to meet for 12. Everything is personalized depending on you and we’ll discuss at our first meeting.

If you're in NYC, we can meet at my office in person. If you're outside of NYC, we can meet via a confidential and HIPAA compliant video platform.

What To Do Next:

Email or call me to book a complimentary 15-minute call where you can ask me any questions.

Or if you're thinking, "I want an appointment," contact me directly and we'll get something set up. I look forwarding to speaking with you!


Columbia University, Masters of Social Work

Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training, New York City

Pace University, Teaching Certificate, Teach for America New York City

University of Southern California, B.A. in Communication


New York State License #73080055

Want to learn more about how you and I help? Click here to read more or email or call 347.391.8942 with any questions about how I can help! 



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They say everyone takes different amounts of time to process a break-up and heal from heart break - I met Devon when I was about 9 months post-relationship. She gave me confidence, helped me forgive my ex and was always there for me as I coped with saying goodbye to his family and friends. Devon helps you focus on things you love doing - for me those were reading at night and working out. I was able to think a lot more about myself and a lot less about my ex. My favorite work with Devon was when she would have me visualize and talk to my ex, boss, or even myself. This activity really opened my eyes and let me get through things easier and faster.”
— Individual Therapy Client, New York City