Are you struggling with self-confidence? Feeling like your romantic relationship isn't where you want it to be?


Maybe you're dating someone and things just feel "eh" or you're single and looking to find someone you connect with on a deeper level. 

As a psychotherapist with 10 years experience, I've helped people navigate funks, transition from break-ups and discover the careers they feel is their true calling. I also incorporate Flower Essences to individual sessions, which can help you achieve what you want faster. 

You’ll get a personalized approach to increasing your confidence, feeling more calm and improving your romantic and personal relationships. 

What does it look like? We’ll talk about any sadness, anxiety, grief, joy, or any other feelings you don't get to fully express in you busy daily life. 

But don’t worry, I don't believe in viewing yourself as damaged or staying "stuck" in your story. It also won’t look like how therapy can look on TV - talking about the same problem over and over again for years without any resolve. And you WON’T become dependent on me. This is a common concern for anyone looking to come in for therapy, so if you’re thinking it, you’re not alone.

Instead, you’ll get the tools from our work together to make decisions for yourself so you can live a more calm and fulfilling life.

But I do believe in treating yourself compassionately, honoring where you are and creating lasting change, whatever that means for you.

We’ll use meditation, visualization and breath work to get you the results you want. Through a holistic approach, we'll tend to all aspects of your emotional, physical and spiritual health. 


I'll ask you lots of questions, but I’ll also listen. I’ll also give you my opinion on certain things, so you won’t just be sitting there wondering what I’m thinking. This is my own personal nightmare for a therapist, so I understand.

You’ll never meet with me for session after session and then think, “I don’t know what we’re talking about. Is this even working?” We’ll be really clear on what you want to get out of our work together.

The relationship you have with yourself is THE most important relationship you have. I know, I know, I hear this all the time, too, but it’s TRUE. It’s more important than any relationship, job or promotion you want right now.

The more you know yourself, all the ins and outs of your personality the more confident and clear you’ll be in the world - whether it’s at your job, in your relationship - whatever.

Personal growth is an investment in your well-being and future.

Remember, when you're taking action to help yourself, it's not a sign of weakness. it's a sign that you have high standards for how you want to live your life and you'll take the necessary steps to make that happen.

Feel free to ask me any questions about how I can help!


Individual sessions are $250 for 45-minutes. Sessions are held either in NYC or over the phone or Skype. 


Make your appointment by simply clicking below or contacting me here. I look forward to hearing from you!



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Devon is a wonderful person and gifted therapist with very positive and warm energy. She gave me a personalized bottle of flower essences to try. I must say, I was very skeptical at first. I’ve been taking them for two weeks and I definitely noticed increased energy, more productivity, positive thinking and overall less stress. I would definitely recommend trying this natural remedy Devon makes with love and care.”
— Anastasia, Flower Essence Client, New York City