Devon McLeod, LCSW

New York city therapy and counseling

Welcome! If you're feeling stuck, filled with self-doubt or like you can't turn your thoughts off, you're not alone. I'm here to help you trust your instincts and increase your connection to your mind, body and heart.  


I can support you with everything from anxiety and body image issues to dating and finding more joy in your life. Or maybe you're wishing something was different in your life, but you don't know what it is or how to change it. 


Therapy offers a fresh perspective and time for you to work on one of the most important relationships in your life...the one with yourself. 


We'll talk while also incorporating meditation, visualization and breath work to expand your awareness and create lasting change. Through a holistic approach, we'll tend to all aspects of your emotional, physical and spiritual health.


Sessions can help with the following: 

  •  Reducing anxiety
  •  Improving relationships
  •  Clarifying career choices
  •  Increasing joy in your life
  •  Closure with past relationships
  •  Deepening your spiritual connection 
  •  Creating healthy habits 
  •  and much more...


Feeling like you can connect with someone is the THE biggest factor in creating the changes you want. I encourage you to take a look at my blog, explore my website and get a sense of if we'd be a good fit. 


I also understand what it's like making an appointment: Will this person get me? Will I feel comfortable opening up?


Contact me to schedule a complimentary in-person consultation. No charge. I want YOU to get a sense of if we'd be a good fit and how I can help you achieve your specific goals. 


Feel free to ask me any questions! I look forward to hearing from you!



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When I arrived for my first session with Devon, I had no idea how much personal growth lay in store for me. As a young adult, I’d been struggling with boyfriend issues, social anxieties and independent matters. Today my life is much more fulfilling because I learned about self-power and having a positive and free flowing life. I looked forward to speaking with Devon every week! Her shining energy made our relationship and therapy sessions feel super comfortable and I learned so much about myself.
— Brenda, Therapy Client, New York City