In my world, finding the rhythm to your own life is an absolute necessity. 

Doing what other people do is overrated and not listening to your gut is a definite NO. 

My approach is all about releasing perfectionism and helping you harness (and trust!) your intuition.


After graduating from Columbia University's School of Social Work, I received my post-graduate training at The Gestalt Center in New York City. Gestalt therapy emphasizes the mind-body connection versus traditional "talk-only" therapy. Gestalt therapy feels similar to yoga in that you'll honor the connection between your mind and body.


In addition to my professional credentials, I'm a Dog Mom, empath (super sensitive), introvert and I've taken risks in my own life that sometimes felt super scary, but always paid off in the end. I applied to grad school super last minute after finishing Teach for America (I taught second grade for two years) and I quit my job to start my own practice. 


I'm originally from Southern California and moved to NYC over 13 years ago. I like to say I have a knack for helping sensitive people thrive (yes, we can thrive!) in a busy, urban setting even though it doesn't always feel easy. When I'm not spending time with my dog, I like to work with flower essences (seriously, this is fun for me), work-out (I love The Tracy Anderson method) and read all sorts of books (latest one is Expectation Hangover by Christine Hassler). 


Columbia University, Masters of Social Work

Pace University, Teaching Certificate, Teach for America NYC

University of Southern California, B.A. in Communication


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They say everyone takes different amounts of time to process a break-up and heal from heart break - I met Devon when I was about 9 months post-relationship. She gave me confidence, helped me forgive my ex and was always there for me as I coped with saying goodbye to his family and friends. Devon helps you focus on things you love doing - for me those were reading at night and working out. I was able to think a lot more about myself and a lot less about my ex. My favorite work with Devon was when she would have me visualize and talk to my ex, boss, or even myself. This activity really opened my eyes and let me get through things easier and faster.”
— Individual Therapy Client, New York City